An Interview with Deborah Vine: Managing Director of Grace Belgravia


Luxury Topping have enjoyed being members of Grace since Kate Percival had the vision to start a private members club with a primary focus of offering a holistic approach to health.

The club has developed over the last five years to become much more than just a club.  For some it is a sanctuary, away from the pressures of modern day life, a place to relax and unwind.  To others it is a health club, with a range of professionals to shape and hone your body.  Some members just use the excellent medical facilities, where they have a remedy for everything to look after your mind and body.  Then there are a number, like us, who use everything, we love the events, the activities, the spa and the healthy and wholesome restaurant.

There is no doubt this winning formula is encouraging the club to flourish, with their membership ever growing.  Once again Kate’s vision comes to the fore, the appointment of Deborah Vine as Managing Director shows the continuing commitment shown to the members to build on the success of this wonderful club.

Deborah, professional and polished with many years of experience across the fields of aesthetic medicine, health and wellbeing is the latest asset. Deborah is no pushover and is determined to continue Kate’s vision for the club.  An iron fist in a lovely soft glove would be the perfect analogy of Deborah, who will fight like a tiger to ensure the club continues its phenomenal growth.

We asked Deborah to share with us an insight into her thoughts for the club:Grace is a rare club with many facets from health to restaurants to club activities and events. How do you see the strands blending together to the benefit of the members?

Without a doubt it is the team around the members that are pivotal to ensuring they embody the integrity of a club in the service they give members. As the club is spread over 11,500 sq. ft it is essential to ensure that our team of over 100 people integrate and know about the services available to members.

Kate Percival had the vision to start the club and it has become home from home for members. How do you plan to take this forward?

I believe it starts with listening, we have surveyed our members on their needs.  Interestingly we find that members like coming to the club on their own, they feel safe and confident that is OK to come alone.  Our membership is predominately British and 25% of our members live outside of London.  Interestingly we speak over 40 languages in the club.

Technology has changed so much since the club was formed and we are embracing this change and the opportunities it gives us to develop the club

The hospitality and leisure industries have relied on professionals from the EU how do you think this will impact on the business after Brexit? 

The issues around Brexit are causing a lot of uncertainty currently and are, of course, causing some concern for us.  After Brexit we will just get on with it, I will do what I have always done in challenging situations, focus on my members and train and inspire our team so all continue to feel part of the Grace family.

 Men are welcomed into Grace in the evening, what is the most popular services for men in the private clinic?

The Telomere Test is extremely popular as it is an actionable bio-marker- by measuring the length of the telomeres, we are able to determine a person’s physiological / biological age. Telomeres are the protective end-caps of chromosomes which prevent deterioration of the cell).   We are then able to work with them recommending exercise, nutritional and lifestyle changes including rest and sleep etc to improve when tested next.   Our infusions and boosters are also a very popular choice for men and, aesthetically, hair removal is growing in popularity.

Grace Belgravia

 What changes have you seen in healthy longevity?

 At Grace we are firm advocates of P3 which is personalised, precision and preventative medicine and therapies which are tailored to the individual patient. We are very keen on preventative therapies, which can help our members look and feel good. This can include personalised diets, fitness programmes as well as a huge range of treatments, a truly holistic approach to the person and their wellbeing. As we all will be living and working longer, how you look on the outside and feel on the inside will be coming increasingly more important.

What is in the future for Grace?

The future looks good for Grace.  We are introducing Grace Medical Concierge which will give our members complementary access to our team who can arrange secondary medical care for them. There are also options for them to include medical management which means that their entire medical dairy / calendar, reminders and bookings will be taken care of by our team and there are also comprehensive medical screening packages which can be added to give our members full peace of mind without the worry of organizing things themselves.

We have also introduced Daily Grace which gives our members three delicious healthy meals per day delivered to their home.  Our vision is to reduce the daily pressure put on our members by every-day tasks and decisions.

What is your proudest achievement?

My family and my two lovely daughters, my eldest daughter is called Grace and was named after the Three Graces, which is quite spookily coincidental now I work at Grace.

All images courtesy Grace Belgravia.