A special evening of art at Boswell House


 Paula Lent of Artmasters hosted the inaugural event at Boswell House – the magnificent Grade 1 residence in The Regents Park.  The house, with a price tag of £58 million, has been sumptuously decorated by Carrie Livingston of Liv Designs. Carrie is passionate and knowledgeable about contemporary art and creates spacing using specially commissioned highly sculptural furniture and sourcing unusual art of objects.

In her opening speech Paula commented, “I would like to thank the galleries and everyone who has contributed to making this a unique project and for giving me access to such an interesting collection of art works to compliment the interior designs of the remaining three houses”.

Bill Clark, the renowned Lowry expert, gave a fascinating discussion on the Lowry paintings he has loaned. Bill’s depth of knowledge on Lowry brings this much loved painter to a wider audience. ‘The Coal Barge’ is an exceptionally evocative painting from Lowry’s early years when he was employed as a rent collector!  In June there will be a major exhibition of his work at Tate Britain, which will reassess his contribution to art history and his position as one of Britain’s pre-eminent painters of the industrial cities of the North of England.


Paula with Bill at Cornwall Terrace

Little is the charismatic Director of Breese Little, the contemporary art gallery in Great Sutton Street.  Henry, in his usual style, enthralled the audience with insights into the ever growing contemporary art market and the new districts of London encouraging young artists. Breese Little is a commercial gallery, but it is supportive of growing talent, with the sponsorship of the Art Criticism Award which provides a platform for young writers who aspire to become art critics.

Boswall House with nearly 15,000 sq. feet of living space is the largest of the residences at Cornwall Terrace. The expansive wall space gave Paula the opportunity to mix contemporary paintings and photographs with historically important works such as ‘Portrait of a Lady’ [1760’s] by Joseph Wright of Derby. This painting greets guests on arrival. Kim Dong Yoo’s” Marilyn v JFK” (1965) is a complete contrast and dominates and adds colour to the stark black kitchen.

On the theme of women, the photographer Terry O’Neill captures the best of Bardot, Moss and Faithfull illustrating his belief that ‘Photographing woman is a Breese’. The Dorothy Brook stainless steel and bronze sculptures show the female form to best

Henry demonstrates his passion for contemporary art


Paula ended the evening by quoting from the latest Royal Academy magazine, that ‘London is now the global hub of the art world, a crossroads of international business and art’.  Trophy property assets such as Boswall House provide havens within the real estate sector and float above the main stream property market. It takes a developer with vision to combine the best of art with the restoration of a house which, in the roaring Twenties, was the home of the Lady Houstoun- Boswall, who inherited the Blackadder Estate in the Berwickshire Hills.