About Us

Tricia Topping founded TTA to specialise in communications for the property industry. Her expertise across all sectors of the property industry was recognised when Tricia joined the Top 100 Public Relations professionals. Tricia resigned as Chairman of TTA in June 2013 and founded Carlyle Consultants, a communications consultancy focusing on luxury products, prime London and international property destinations with clients in all sectors.

Tricia through her clients,  saw the growth in high-end property and the rise of international buyers attracted to London and other global destinations.  Her love of jewellery, art, fashion and interior design and property,  inspired Tricia to  create  luxury toppingLuxury topping reflects Tricia’s interests and demonstrates how these sectors can work together to the benefit of clients.

The blog’s strapline  is ‘the business of luxury’ and it shines the spotlight on the trends and the people who work to create wonderful objects which we can admire, desire  and perhaps buy.