An Afternoon at Asprey


The Asprey Press Day is one of the highlights in the Luxury Topping Calendar. Not only do we get to visit our favourite street in London, but we are able to experience that element of awe you get as you step through the doors of 167 New Bond Street. Established in 1847, the redesigned showroom by Lord Foster and David Milnaric, never fails to impress.

Our day was set to ramp up a whole new level, after a morning on a building site in Bermondsey, when we entered the New Bond Street Private Rooms. Asprey were showcasing their Autumn Winter Home Collection in the series of five rooms designed by Hakan Rosenius, Asprey’s Artistic Director, and opened up for the first time in a number of years.

Home Sweet Home

As we walked through the perfectly curated rooms of a quintessential English townhouse set up for high tea, we discussed the experience of perusing the collection. Nowadays we can all buy at the click of an iPhone, so shopping itself is increasingly becoming experience orientated. Asprey have created a charming environment for the ideal social experience.

Asprey New Bond Street Private Rooms

We admired the stunning green decanter, which is a limited edition this year. Blowing glass green is the hardest of any colour with a 90% fail rate; to own a limited edition green Asprey Ram Head decanter would be a dream. The dream would only be complete if we could have the Octopus tumblers to accompany it. Each tumbler is created from a copper wheel engraving technique, which requires immense skill, and each pattern of each ornament is done by hand.

Asprey Green Ram Head Decanter and Octopus Tumblers

In the living room we fell in love with a stunning green leopard print chair, the combination of green leopard print with blue and green gingham would not be an obvious suggestion, however in our opinion, Hakan’s design of the New Bond Street Private Rooms is a masterpiece. The living room set the Four Seasons vases off to perfection. The vases were inspired by Asprey’s original collection in the 1920’s and have been re-edited in a series of stunning colours.

Asprey New Bond Street Private Rooms

The exquisite cocktail glass collection was a final highlight, crafted from Murano glass using the original method used by the glassmakers in Murano, Italy in 1397. Asprey’s collection combines the traditional charm with a contemporary edge.

Asprey Murano Cocktail Glass Set

A trip to Asprey is a feast for the eyes and a shock of the bank balance. The 235-year-old business is the master of re-invention, consistently creating outstanding products, which perfectly capture our fascination by balancing creativity, culture and style.