Magnificent McQueen – Luxury Topping visits the V & A exhibition


If anyone thinks that Savage Beauty the exhibition dedicated to Alexander McQueen is ‘just a show about frocks’ they have it completely wrong.

This exhibition or as I prefer to call it ‘a magical show worthy of a stage performance in theatre land’, is probably one of the best in the Victoria and Albert Museum‘s repertoire of staging block-buster shows. Back in 2013, 350,000 viewed the David Bowie exhibition at the V & A.  Judging by the crowds, this exhibition could beat all figures.  Savage Beauty opened in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2010, where around 650,000 people saw the exhibition that celebrates the creative genius of Alexander McQueen.

Savage Beauty should be a ‘must see’ for anyone who has a connection with customer experiences.  If you are a developer selling property, there are many ideas that could translate beautifully into the super-large marketing suites created to sell major developments, such as Battersea Power Station or areas in and around.  For owners of stores or shopping centres, the exhibition is full of Greenwich ideas for enhancing the customer experience.

McQueen spent his early years as a tailor at the renowned gentleman’s bespoke tailors, Anderson & Sheppard.  His talent in tailoring can be seen throughout the exhibition.  McQueen then spent a period at Givenchy, creating waves in the French couture house which gave us the Audrey Hepburn little black dress style.   Finally, he created his own label, where he continued to enthral, delight, shock, and push the boundaries of fashion.

The exhibition is a collection of galleries covering McQueen’s outstanding body of work.  Each of the galleries, designed by Sam Gainsbury and Anna Whiting, are different and like McQueen, attack all of your senses.  His shows, which were often in unfashionable areas of the capital, livened up the fashion scene.  You might not want to wear a dress made of bird feathers but you can admire the creative genius.

The beautiful hologram of Kate Moss twirling in an enormous prism, bought tears to the eyes of many of the visitors to the exhibition.  Another room, called The Cabinet of Curiosities, showcased the paraphernalia of the designers who were caught in the magic of working with McQueen.  One of which was Shaun Leane, a jeweller who I admire immensely for his craftsmanship and design skills.

Savage Beauty runs until 2nd August 2015 and it is best to book tickets.