Marilyn Monroe moves into Chelsea Harbour


Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, the home of LuxuryTopping and famous throughout the world as the premier destination for design excellence, is hosting an exhibition on stage and screen legend Marilyn Monroe until 20th June 2016.

Dominating the centre dome in this treasure trove of hundreds of luxury interior companies, this specially curated exhibition showcases a number of Marilyn Monroe’s original costumes and personal treasures, which will later be sold by Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles on 19th -20th November 2016 disappearing into private collections all over the world.MarilynThe dresses and costumes on display as well as the movie clips playing throughout the Design Centre, show us the public persona of Marilyn. Best of all is the sheer beaded dress from ‘Some Like it Hot’. For the voyeur who enjoys reading personal papers, the journals and handwritten letters for the estate of Lee Strasberg are a fascinating insight into a complicated person who met a tragic end and continues to fascinate us today.1952MGRoadsterMarilyn, who would have been 90 on the 1st June 2016, would have appreciated the quality and style of the exhibition. The very sexy classic Austin Healey 1952 MG Roadster, featured on the big screen in the 1952 film ‘Monkey Business’, which Marilyn travelled in with Cary Grant and was later purchased by fellow actress Debbie Reynolds in 1971 during another sale of Monroe memorabilia. Off-screen, we think she would have arrived in a Rolls Royce covered in her favourite jewels. After all, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.The Legacy of a Legend Display at The Design Centre

Front List image courtesy of Some Like It Hot 1959 AF archive Alamy. All other images LuxuryTopping.