A Spectacular Display of Art; Boswall House


The house also exhibits numerous paintings, all in which are affectionate towards a twenty-first century audience. Furthermore, the art is created with familiar and emotional localities. Portraiture and its many forms of communication are grounded in Joseph Wright of Derby’s (1734-1797) resplendent Portrait of a Lady of c.1760. The indomitable painting introduces the favoured female subject in the work of infamous celebrity photographer Terry O’Neill (b. 1938) and the increasingly renowned pixelated paintings of Kim Dong Yoo (b.1965). The politics of beauty and the artist’s contract with the viewer is strikingly addressed in the work of J. Park (b.1983). Aesthetic appeal, fragility and thus morality are investigated by Alexander James (b. 1967) with the subject matter of ethereal butterflies and flowers, while Marc Quinn’s (b.1964) floral canvas holds similar sumptuous allure.