You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 – 1970


Held at the Victoria & Albert Museum, the curators of this latest blockbuster ‘Revolution’ were also behind the successful David Bowie exhibition. Once again, they have assembled a soul-stirring collection of objects from the peak of the counterculture movement.

Revolution exhibition

 On a frivolous level, this was the swinging sixties, when the King’s Road was the coolest place in the world, Twiggy was the most recognised model and Vivienne Westwood was kicking up a storm creating crazy clothes – and now is dressing our Prime Minister. The headphones given to you at the entrance fill your ears with the sounds of the Sixties, The Who with ‘My Generation’, which epitomises the era, Sandy Shaw trotting out Puppet on a String and The Rolling Stones sounding much younger and more edgy – but we still all know the words to ‘I can’t get no Satisfaction’. All of these tunes which can be heard on a regular basis on Radio 2 and in pub Karaoke nights throughout the country.

Revolution exhibition photography 06-09-2016

This clever exhibition takes you from the fun of Woodstock to the groundbreaking – an American Astronaut’s space suit and the start of our love with plastic. The very first credit card from Barclaycard, which launched in 1966, looks small but still packs the same punch. Moving on fifty years and it’s difficult to live without our flexible friend.   The influencers of the era were within Soho creating advertising and marketing campaigns which were revolutionary and changed the face of advertising.  But the real heroes were in the corridors of power – Roy Jenkins decriminalised homosexuality and David Steel introduced the bill that legalised abortion.

John Sebastian-Woodstock-August 15, 1969

The boards for the Apple 1 computer, hand-built by Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs’s garage, are in the exhibition and now their products dominate the industry, but who knows what the next fifty years will bring. This week, the world’s largest radio telescope will be switched on. This £140 million telescope seeks to unlock the evolution of our universe and apparently it will be game changing in the search for new life.

Go and experience another blockbuster exhibition on now until 26 February 2017.

Tickets cost £16.00 and it is best to book in advance.