The Glamorous Launch of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster


The very wealthy are very different. Whilst I gasped at the glittering Boodles diamonds and the shiny Astons, the first man I met at the Aston Martin evening told me that he was going to take his yacht over to the Isle of Wight to buy me a T-shirt emblazoned ‘don’t sell this woman anything’. With so many beautiful items in one location, it is easy to pull out the plastic, especially after a couple of Aston-tini cocktails.

It was wall-to-wall glamour when Aston Martin launched their new Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster.  Aston Martin hosted the evening in their swish Park Lane showroom. It linked Boodles, the premier British jewelers, with Bang & Olufsen. The canapés and yummy Aston-tini cocktails were organized by spirits company Alexander & James.

Invited by the suave Dealer Principal, Nik Boxall, glamorous members of the Berkeley Club joined other guests to celebrate the arrival of this very special car. Nicholas Wainwright, senior director of Boodles, was there with showcases displaying an array of their sparkling diamonds that had the guests enthralled and spending whilst they waited for the arrival of the car.

Clothed in sliver, sleek and sophisticated, the car glided into view and there was a collective ‘wow’ from an audience who understood and were most likely buyers of Aston Martins themselves. For the technical minded, this is one of the lightest cars powered by a V12 engine with an incredibly responsive transmission.

It is a real ‘red carpet’ car, and with a touch of Boodles’ diamonds complementing the event, it was perfect. It was just a shame that the Boodles million pound necklace that featured in the recent TV programme on Boodles had been sold to a very lucky lady who lives in the Shires.

Tricia Topping