My World – With Silversmith and trophy designer Richard Fox


MrFoxRichard studied at the Royal College of Art, the home of artistic talent respected worldwide, and runs a design-led manufacturing company specialising in Silverware.

Richard has a raft of international clients who appreciate his talents in creating masterpieces in silver. He designs and produces the most memorable trophies for Formula One which grace the winning platforms at Formula One races throughout the world, including the trophy for the 2016 Baku Grand Prix. Other clients include Rolls-Royce and his designs are held in many private collections including The Silver Trust of 10 Downing Street,

Richard works alongside his wife Serena, a recognised designer of jewellery who draws have inspiration from many natural forms.

Examples of their work can be found at

GoodwoodWhat is your favourite motor racing venue? For F1, Monaco, otherwise it has to be Goodwood.

Which classic car would you like to own? I have a ’72 chrome bumper MGB roadster with a 2-stage engine, which I have been restoring forever!  If I were allowed it’s the Ferrari 250 GT alternatively as I have not won the lottery an Austin Healey 3 litre MkIII would be fun.Ferrari 250 Courtesy RMSotheby'sYou have designed ecclesiastical silver all over the world, which is your favourite city? Venice in February.

venice in February

Which champagne would you like to see in your Colonnato ice bucket – Henri Giraud Argonne.

Where do you source your precious stones and metals? All from reputable bullion and stone dealers. I have to show provenance when working with many of the global businesses who commission work from me.

Colonnato Ice BucketWho was your greatest mentor? Gerald Benney an iconic designer from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who was my professor at the RCA.

Which museum houses the best silver collection? V&A.

What is your favourite item in your workshop? The silver propelling pencil I made and use for designing – you can see it on display at FORM.

Silver Speaks Form © The Goldsmiths’ Centre, 2016[1]How quickly can you produce a prototype? Depends on the size!

What is your greatest creative inspiration? Probably my travelling scholarship as a student at the RCA around Scandinavia.  Minimalist forms used in objects and architecture have undoubtedly had an influence on my designs. Bauhaus – Form Follows Function is a great echo from the past.


Goodwood Classic Cars Image – Courtesy; Ferrari GT 250 – Courtesy RM Sotheby’s; Colonnato Ice Bucket image and Baku Grand Prix Trophy image- Courtesy of Fox Silver; Silver Propelling Pencil image – Courtesy Silver Speaks Form © The Goldsmiths’ Centre, 2016; All other images Luxury Topping’s own.