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12 The development of Walpole Mayfair in the heart of London opposite the Ritz Hotel has raised your profile. How has your business come to terms with this increase in interest When we achieved record prices per square foot for the Walpole penthouse our profile seemed to rocket. These prices hadnt been achieved in Mayfair or St Jamess before so suddenly everyone wanted to know who the company was behind the prestigious development. The growth for Oliver Burns has been exponential since we completed Walpole Mayfair but we have evolved and adapted to meet the needs of the business. For instance we have doubled the size of our design team to manage the increase in private client work. At the moment I am still very hands on as I enjoy the detail but the challenge will be to step back a bit as the business continues to grow. You are building a reputation for creating interiors which move away from the boring beige interiors that have predominated the London developer scene. How would you describe your style Our designs tend to be modern classic but ultimately they reflect the needs and aspirations of our clients. Requirements tend to be quite understated these days but this doesnt mean boring interiors. We look for thoughtful ways to deliver the wow factor to our designs. Having private client work means we are working day to day with ultra high net worth individuals so when it comes to developing property for the super- prime market we already have a good idea of what prospective buyer might want. Although you are known for your interiors behind the faade is a company that really understands architecture and space optimisation which makes your company so different from an interior designer. Can you explain your work All good design starts with space optimisation and careful planning. We have a team of architects designers and project managers whose combined technical and creative expertise is designed to solve the most demanding requirements on our projects and provide turnkey solutions. Our in-house architects work closely with the design team so that each project we undertake is carefully considered in its entirety. This often results in us taking on the architectural as well as the design work. Ultimately we dont see the two as separate Oliver Burns JOE BURNS OWNER OF OLIVER BURNS Interview February 6th 2014