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19 Your website refers to the Culinary Spirit. How is this achieved Our Culinary Spirit is as central to our Indian Ocean properties as our wine philosophy. It lives and breathes on a daily basis. We host the Bernard Loiseau culinary food festival yearly attracting Michelin chefs from around the world and our Sommelier team in each resort offers the largest wine lists on the Indian Ocean. We pride ourselves on serving beautifully presented and delicious cuisine accompanied with the worlds great wines. Diving sports are popular in the area. How does the group cater for those wishing to explore the ocean whether as experienced divers or beginners All our hotels and resorts have professional dive centres accompanying divers of all levels to enjoy the Indian Ocean. Guests can explore the beautiful coral reefs and sponge gardens of Mauritius and the Maldives granite reefs in the Seychelles and volcanic islets around Tsarabanjina. We all like to feel pampered when staying at a luxury resort. How do you go about providing your guests with memorable experiences Apart from the design elements of our resorts the most distinctive feature of Constance Hotels and Resort is its people. Each individual guest becomes special the moment he steps into one of our hotels. We create experiences that live long after the guests have left. Guests today are continually looking for that something new and we keep ourselves abreast of the latest trends. We innovate to create that personal touch. Parents like to know that their children will be well catered for so that they themselves are free to use the other facilities offered. What family programmes do you provide We have recently launched Constance Kids Club inspired by fun upping the stakes in the luxury family holiday sector. Constance Kids Club is a vibrant and colourful facility that offers discovery and creates memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Children will be aware of the culture and nature through interaction and engage with various nationalities they will feel the passion from a team who are dedicated to creating fun authentic and exciting programmes. The activities will educate through entertainment and give children the opportunity to understand and appreciate their surroundings while on holiday. There are some renowned golf courses in the resorts. Do you play yourself and if so where and why I enjoy playing immensely and every year we host the final of the PGA senior tour at the Legends course of Belle Mare Plage which attracts the worlds best golfers. The 15th tee off at the Lemuria golf course overlooking the second most beautiful beach in the world Anse Georgette is also something very special. The Indian Ocean is an idyllic spot for weddings and honeymoons. Do many of your guests take advantage of this Few regions on earth provide such wonderful honeymoon destinations as the Indian Ocean Mauritius the Maldives the Seychelles and Madagascar. We hold weddings on a regular basis and guests who discover our resorts on honeymoon come back year after year and become friends. The Group has won many awards over the years. Which was the most satisfying for you Each and every award is satisfying and we have won many awards. Whilst each one is important the most memorable for me was when we opened Lemuria in the Seychelles in 1999. We were awarded the best resort in the world after 12 months in operation by Bilanz Switzerland. For more information on Constance Hotels and Resorts please visit EACH HOTEL HAS A LOCAL SENSE OF PLACE DEPENDING ON ITS LOCATION AND THE CULTURE OF THE COUNTRY.