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28 Specialising in ceramic and porcelain tiles for 55 years Minoli has supplied beautiful floor wall and mosaic tiles to a diverse range of clients each with very specific needs. Still run as a family business by the Minoli family the companys client base includes leading house builders developers multinational corporations independent retailers and motor manufacturers. We sat down with Jonathon Minoli Managing Director to speak about the ongoing success of his business his recent trip to Cersaie 2014 in Bologna and tile trends for 2015. JONATHON MINOLI MANAGING DIRECTOR OF MINOLI Interview October 24th 2014 Congratulations on the recent first anniversary celebration of your London showroom The Surface Within. What impact has this had on the company Minoli has always worked predominantly within Central London and of course the Home Counties but having the West End showroom has opened a few doors that perhaps were not open to us in the past. Many of the designers and developers in London like to see a full collection and also full size tiles. They also prefer to not travel out of town so with a very large display and a huge selection of full size tile pieces the showroom is very much of interest to designers working within Central London but with projects nationwide and possibly worldwide. The company will shortly be celebrating 55 years of business. What were the main challenges you have had to overcome in this time particularly as a family business In 2015 Minoli will have been incorporated for 55 years but the family has operated long before 1960. However I feel that 1960 is a date that can be seen as the official start of the business as an incorporated company. The challenges we have faced are like those of most other businesses but with such a long time trading we have seen some fairly dramatic changes. I have seen three recessions in my 25 years with the company and there were several before those. Technology has improved our business immensely as I am old enough to recall when a fax machine was a pretty cool idea for younger readers of Luxury Topping I suggest you Google fax machine and try not to laugh. Being a family business has not made a significant difference to the wider world we operate within but internally we have created an excellent working environment and have a very loyal team that has been with the company for many years. You source your tiles directly from Italy and have just returned from Cersaie Bologna the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings. What are the latest trends you saw there This years Cersaie exhibition was truly outstanding. It seems as though almost on alternate years the manufacturers and designers excel in their offerings. This years trends are an evolution of those of last year with a tremendous focus on porcelain that replicates marble and wood. With sizes becoming larger mostly through demand from professional clients such as developers and designers we will be launching new ranges in new sizes within the next few months. Minoli has a unique relationship with some of the finest producers of porcelain tiles in Italy and to say we are all excited about the forth-coming ranges is an understatement Minoli