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29 What is your forecast for the UK luxury porcelain and ceramic tile market in the coming period We can only see the sector expanding as clients appreciate the qualities and sophistication of the new porcelain products we are launching. With ranges like Evolution Marvel and Evolution Axis wood and marble are replicated and enhanced to such a high level that they become beautiful and luxurious as well as immensely practical. You have a unique range of eco- friendly tiles. Have you seen a growth in the demand for this in recent years Virtually all if not all of our Italian Porcelain collections including The Surface Within Contemporary have the much sought after eco credential of Eco Label. This is more important to some clients than others but where there are two products of similar cost and style mostly clients select the one with good eco credentials. This is not surprising seeing as the size of peoples carbon footprint on this earth is so important. Minolis clients include leading house builders developers multinational corporations independent retailers and motor manufacturers. Why do you think you are the tile supplier of choice for these The truly unique offering from Minoli apart from our wonderful products is our service which is without doubt second to none. We have received the Award for Excellence in Distribution for four consecutive years at the annual Tile Association Awards for our ability to provide an outstanding service. We also have tremendous stock holding capacity and are financially sound. Things that are important to clients who operate in the corporate world and have to only work with serious suppliers and partners. How do you as managing director typically spend your day A typical day will involve me taking notes and participating in almost every aspect of the business with more focus on some areas than others depending on the involvement required. I tend to be a very early riser and will be in the Oxford head office for 7am and if working in London I will aim to be in George Street well before 8am. I am honoured to have the most excellent team around me and we all liaise on a near hourly basis to ensure the company is well run and moving ever forward. What is your definition of success The opposite of failure We as a company are driven by nothing more than a desire to keep our clients both inspired and satisfied. We have to inspire by having the right products. These are the tiles that will make you inspired but that are priced correctly and are available when needed. For us success is having a happy client who is satisfied with our service and proud of the finished product. I am the third generation of Minoli my father having passed away over 20 years ago and in such circumstances it is easy to be more focused on a fear of failure than a need to grow the business. My aim is to strike a good balance between a conservative approach and being dynamic in our presentation and product ranges. Finally what advice would you give to someone setting up a family business today I do not think you should set out to set up a family business but to set up a business that can be run or owned by a family. The business must work in spite of any family connections because if it does then the family will only improve on the model through sheer hard work or lose a fortune through bickering and arguing. But if you find yourself in a situation where the business is becoming family in structure it has to be set up as a proper business and a role for each participant defined to ensure that an overly emotional committee does not run the company. For more information on Minoli titles and to view their collections please visit