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35 How do you think that this is going to impact on you My view is more based on gut feel and on judgements that I have made. In the past six years rents have gone up diamonds have gone up and we have been able to afford all of this growth. It makes me a bit concerned when anything goes up a bit too fast its a little bit superficial when you look at diamond prices. But over the past year this has levelled out and I feel that we are growing into the prices that were pushed up so quickly. In my opinion we have caught up with a little bit of too much growth too soon. Demand in China dramatically impacted on diamond prices pushing them towards an uncomfortable height. However the past year has seen a slowing down or a catching up of prices amongst categories of stones where China and to some extended India had been pushing them. A friend of mine runs a free zone in Dubai where they run the diamond and metal exchange and he has seen a growth in diamond trading because of the central location and excellent transport links. Do you see Dubai becoming a centre for diamonds I do. In recent years Dubai has been put on the map in no small way as an important world diamond trading centre. The only thing is that it is far more complex to assess is the value of a diamond real expertise is needed. The certificates may look exactly the same but when you look at the actual stones they are chalk and cheese. It is not like gold it is not a commodity. If we look at Christies they are doing more and more online auctions last year they had 46 online auctions. I believe that if you have a reputation like Boodles buying a valuable piece of jewellery from the website is not a problem. How much do you think reputation is worth It is critical to have your finger right on the pulse. Its not rocket science but we have expertise. For example the price of pear-shaped diamonds have rocketed because about a year ago there werent that many pear-shaped diamonds being cut. Everyone was cutting round stones. There are certain nuances if you are buying blind you dont necessarily know about these trends and why one stone is so much more expensive. For more information and to view Boodles collection please visit