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36 The Goldsmiths Fair is recognised internationally as the UKs premier event for contemporary designer jewellery and silverware. It is a celebration of the best of British goldsmithing and silversmithing talent and a treasure trove of creativity and craftsmanship. In preparation for the opening of The Goldsmiths Fair 2014 we spoke to David Mills Head of Communications and Marketing for the Goldsmiths Company to find out what was in store this year. DAVID MILLS HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING AT THE GOLDSMITHS COMPANY Interview September 22nd 2014 Give us a brief outline of the Goldsmiths Fair. As the premier showcase for precious metal and jewellery design in the UK Goldsmiths Fair is literally a treasure chest of exquisite design. 170 designers over two weeks 85 in each week show their latest collections. The Fair is a truly unique luxury shopping experience. Its not just the bling which of course is well represented by some of the most fabulous jewels youll see outside of Bond Street its the innovative cutting edge contemporary gold and silver objet dart tableware accessories and decorative pieces. An amazing selection of future heirlooms from the UKs most exciting designer- craftsmen. Goldsmiths Fair is recognised internationally for contemporary designer jewellery and silver. What do you think it is that puts it in another league compared to other similar exhibitions This is our 32nd year and in that time some of the biggest names in British jewellery have shown at the Fair including Stephen Webster and Shaun Leane. Each year we get over 300 applications to show at the Fair. The selection criteria are rigorous. Even established makers sometimes dont get in. The focus is on new work. Established makers are encouraged to push their practice and to unveil their latest creative directions at the Fair. Our clientele know what theyre looking at and they come back year after year to see how the best precious metal artists- craftsmen in the UK continue to develop. Can you give us an idea of the variety of different pieces that will be on show Ive had the pleasure of getting an early preview of some of the work to be shown at Goldsmiths Fair and I can assure you its stunning. Alexandra Raphaels plique-a-jour The Goldsmiths Company