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37 bowls intricate gold and silver pens by Jack Row statement gold brooches by Andrew Lamb and Jacqueline Mina and sensuous silver tableware by Adi Toch are some of what Im most looking forward to seeing. Goldsmiths Hall is a luxury itself before even considering the stunning pieces on display. What is your personal preference when it comes to styles My personal tastes run to the minimal sleek and modern. I love clean lines and dramatic geometry but appreciate subtle and surprising colour combinations. Ill be spoilt for choice. Are there any pieces or exhibitors that you remember as particularly striking to you over the years Some of my favourites include jewellers Sarah Herriot Hee Young Kim Kayo Saito Shivani Patel Sarah Warsop and silversmiths Ana Meneses Nan Nan Liu Esther Lord and Mary Ann Simmons. All of their work is incredibly striking original and accomplished. As the Goldsmiths company individually selects every exhibitor at the fair what would you say it is that they are looking for when they make their choices Superb craftsmanship united with originality of design innovative techniques and a signature style. The Fair strives to showcase consistently excellent work across a spectrum of creative visions regardless of your technical skill if the final piece looks too much like something that can easily be found elsewhere were unlikely to include it. This is what makes the event so exciting for collectors. How did it come about that architect Zaha Hadid was the first guest curator This year we set out to refresh the Fair not just with new exhibitors and a new look but also new initiatives to engage audiences like never before. Aside from a series of breakfast talks and afternoon conversations with exhibitors we came up with the idea of asking a prominent designer to add their point of view to the mix through a special curated showcase of their personal highlight pieces. A contact in the art-jewellery world introduced us to Zaha Hadid and she generously volunteered to be our first guest curator. She loves jewellery and her selection provides a window into the kinds of jewellery and silver shed wear and own. Its a fascinating range from a diverse group of designers but it actually works as a collection What do you think Zaha Hadids collection adds to the Fair this year It adds a signature point of view to the Fair. If anyone else were to choose their favourite pieces it would be a completely different collection. Zaha Hadid is one of the biggest names in design and architecture today. Her design aesthetic most definitely comes through in this selection of pieces designed by others. Hopefully Zaha Hadid will inspire other to express themselves through commissioning and collecting distinctive jewellery and silver. Can you explain and give details on the increasing popularity of your Bursary Scheme Goldsmiths Fair runs a Graduate Bursary each year benefiting five jewellers and five silversmiths all recent graduates. They each receive a free stand at the Fair a grant of 1500 and a loan of up to 3000 in silver bullion. For the first time this year graduates were provided with technical and business mentoring sessions with experts from the Goldsmiths Centre. Not surprisingly the Bursary scheme is very popular and we received more applications in 2014 than ever before. The selected graduates are truly the best of the best. Can you tell us about the changes made to make this years Fair even more innovative contemporary and accessible Weve made too many changes to list here however one of the most significant has been the launch of Weve had a great response to this website which features profiles on designers updates about the Fair early release of our stunning marketing images listings of all the talks and conversations and much much more. The Goldsmiths Fair runs from the end of September to the beginning of October at the Goldsmiths Hall. For more information please visit