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41 What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of becoming a chef Some people want to become a chef because they have no alternative and discover they can cook and enjoy it. Others may want to become a celebrity chef. Because the status of a chef in the last 3040 years has enormously increased and because it has become very respectable there are many who attempt it. That reminds me of when I put a question to an aspirant chef who came to ask for work and I asked him what he had done before. Oh yes I was a chef in a restaurant. what were you cooking there I was cooking Pizza What kind of Pizza Pizza No 1 2 Good day As to advice It is an illusion that you can become a chef very quickly. You can become a good chef or cook if you are humble patient forgetting the usual free hours of liberty at least for a while. Be honest and try to make other people happy. What are your plans for the future I am 76 years old and my plans dont diminish. There are infinite projects but I need to prioritise. In my mind there will be more books possible TV work and I shall work to maintain Carluccios at the same level of quality. I dont think I will ever be retired. Who has inspired you My mother Pelegrino Artusi and all those friends that after tasting my experiments gave me the thumbs up with a big smile. Why do you think Carluccios restaurants are such a success Because I wanted to create something where I would be pleased to go and eat. The restaurant is a welcoming place with a lovely ambience well trained people simple but extremely good quality food and low prices. Also observing the personnel as collaborators. How involved are you with the restaurants both in the UK and abroad For the last eight years I have been a consultant of the group and I keep doing what I believe I am good at which is being involved with the progressive quality of the food. What are your hobbies To be able to work with food in my profession I need however a little bit of distance from time to time and I have four to five hobbies which provide this. I carve walking sticks sculpture in clay paint pick mushrooms and deal with wild food which I forage and preserve. As you can see I am very busy. For more information on Carluccios please visit