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6 Grace Belgravia KATE PERCIVAL FOUNDER OF GRACE BELGRAVIA Interview November 20th 2014 What made you decide to launch and invest in a private womens club I developed the idea during my masters degree in Luxury Brands and Services and the business plan I did for my thesis became the foundation for Grace. I only had to look around and see how women spend their lives putting family and work before their own health. I was experiencing the very same thing myself too so I knew it first-hand. It made me realise it was time for women to invest more in themselves and really get some of that much-needed me time. Understanding what todays woman wants and what she needs was how Grace was born. The concept was to create a sanctuary that supported womens health and wellbeing from the inside out. I see Grace as very much reflecting the values of Arianna Huffingtons Third Metric we must champion wellbeing wisdom wonder and giving in order to balance the quest for wealth and power. Were you faced with many difficulties when you made this decision Any new business has its birth pangs. Raising the finance was the first and most challenging hurdle. The next was getting 11500 sq ft of Grade II-listed space designed and fitted out in five months so that we didnt miss the autumn market. I find it hard to believe that was only two years ago with the amazing progress weve made since. At the time people questioned whether being women-only wasnt being discriminatory and sexist. But anyone who has seen and experienced the club realises that Grace is not remotely anti- men its just very pro-women. Grace has an excellent reputation amongst its members. What do you think it is that makes Grace so successful We called it Grace after three Graces of mythology Charm Beauty and Creativity and I see our club as embodying these qualities. We have a team of internationally recognised experts who offer a wide range of services from medical fitness and spa to wellbeing healthy cuisine and culture. We aim to create a special synergy by integrating these so that each complements and enhances the other. Its all focused on treasuring