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7 the woman and I think its this that sets us apart. We have a 360-degree approach to wellness and this means we have created a haven with the best of the best under one roof to complete the mind-body-soul circle. Once touched by the gift of Grace can one be without it The answer is no. You often hold prestigious events and have facilities to enhance all aspects of life including healthcare keeping fit and relaxation. What can women expect to experience by becoming a member of Grace The kind words we receive from members about their experiences are at the heart of what Grace is all about. Ive had several women telling me that Grace has quite literally saved their lives. Most just say how empowered and rejuvenated they feel re-calibrated as one member recently put it just by an hour in the club. Essentially Grace is a retreat where our members can focus on themselves and escape from the external pressures they are constantly having to juggle and battle with in the world outside. We understand women and what each individual person wants and how they want it. All our services and programmes have been created with women in mind to suit their wellbeing need. Do you have any particularly special events coming up in the near future We have a range of eclectic events each week at Grace open to our members as well as guests. We have upcoming medical seminars as part of our How to remain Healthy in the 21st Century series conducted by our internationally recognised experts. Other events include a luxury Christmas shopping evening hosted by a selection of our favourite brands yoga workshops and meditation workshops as well as business breakfasts hosted by inspirational women such as Nadja Swarovski. Grace is fast becoming known as the most chic venue in London with high-profile figures such as Cressida Bonas Tamara Beckwith and Natalie Imbruglia attending the re-launch. How do you feel about these famous names being associated to your club We are pleased that so many high- profile high-achieving women choose to spend time on themselves at our club as we are with any woman who values herself and is looking to relax and restore herself in an atmosphere that will treasure her as her. What are you most excited about concerning the future of Grace We havent even hit our second anniversary and weve already reached our target in terms of membership numbers. With the club growing at such a fast rate we expect to be expanding further afield perhaps New York or LA destinations that are health hubs and would respond well to our approach. Our offering will be unique there just as here. There are women-only business clubs around the world but none that take an approach to health and wellbeing in order to empower and support women the way we do at Grace. You have numerous membership packages available tailored to complement women from those who only visit London on a weekend to those who want to attend the club everyday. Can you give us a little more detail about these We have over 38 nationalities at Grace not all of them live locally and each individual wishes to utilise the club for different reasons and therefore we have created a range of membership packages to suit them. Our Out Of TownOverseas Membership is catered for those who cant dedicate a lot of time to the club. Our Social Membership and Grace Caf Club Membership is specially tailored to those who enjoy our events and a healthy dining experience. Our Full Membership is for those who wish to immerse themselves fully in our integrated health offering. For more information or to enquire about membership please visit GRACE IS A RETREAT WHERE OUR MEMBERS CAN FOCUS ON THEMSELVES AND ESCAPE FROM THE EXTERNAL PRESSURES THEY ARE CONSTANTLY HAVING TO JUGGLE AND BATTLE WITH IN THE WORLD OUTSIDE.