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9 SHIRLEY HUMPHREY DIRECTOR OF HARRODS ESTATES Interview March 29th 2013 Tell us a bit about yourself. Around the beginning of my career I started working with the cosmetic section at Christian Dior gaining a real feel for what working for a luxury brand was all about. I was able to understand the expectations of clients in luxury brands. My Harrods career started around 15 years ago when I did a project with Harrods Village for two and a half years. Ive been working for Harrods ever since. Whos idea was it to have a pop-up shop in the window of Harrods Mine Ive wanted to do it forever as its such a wonderful showcase for Harrods Estates. We have called it the Luxury pop-up shop as that is exactly what it is. A number of people who visit Harrods live near the area which is our target market or simply like the neighbourhood. It also brings Harrods Estates right into the target market especially as a lot of people dont realise the strength of the Harrods property division. I had always dreamed of a window in Harrods and it is marvellous to see the idea come to life. Plus we are back in the store where we first started. Tell us a bit about the pop-up store itself. The pop-up luxury store will be in place for one month. Located in one of the main car showrooms on Brompton Road the space is surrounded by the best of British luxury goods including brands such as Burberry and Mulberry. Harrods has an unrivalled reputation for luxury and although to most of us an apartment valued at 3 million is out of reach there are pieces of jewellery in the store for 3 million and wine connoisseurs can pick up a bespoke wine collection for just over a cool 1 million. The interest in the current portfolio of property for sale demonstrates the stores ability to attract the high net worth purchaser. The attention to detail displayed by our interior design division The Studio who masterminded the interiors scheme is magnificent. Using items available in store as well as bespoke products and finishes the luxury pop-up space features a pair of Lalique chandeliers worth over 60000 each. Custom- made carpet and Harrods wallpaper have been developed especially and a bespoke coffee table with a map of London and built in screens showcases the homes for sale. All this completes the luxury look and feel which is synonymous with Harrods. What else are you offering When clients approach our area they have access to as much information as they need. We have brochures and magazines from both Harrods Estates and The Studio. We started a promotion three months ago actually. Where we offer 100000 Harrods points to clients who buy or sell through Harrods and for the duration of the pop-up we have doubled this promotion to 200000 points. The vendors love the promotion and we have already been instructed on three other property sales. What is the association between Harrods Estates and The Studio We work very closely with The Studio. The business now includes over 30 qualified interior designers architectural designers and a commercial team who have worked with some of the best names in the industry. 50 of the interior design is UK based with the remainder based abroad. Last year the team worked on projects in the Middle East and Europe to provide luxury residential interior design for a range of clients. A number of developers are enlisting the expertise of The Studio Harrods and we have created a special commercial division that works with developers wanting to incorporate the Harrods signature. Briefs can be sketchy a client from China with a luxury apartment in Vauxhall once presented a picture of a fashion ad campaign and emailed a photograph of a bathroom from a Four Seasons hotel and asked us to recreate the look in his apartment. Tell me a bit about your range of properties We have houses with prices ranging from 1.5 million through to 40 million. One of our most expensive houses on the market is a beautiful house in Bishops Avenue. Despite this our core markets are in Knightsbridge Mayfair Belgravia and Chelsea. Is it true you are opening in Chelsea Yes we have a new office right in the heart of Chelsea. Like our offices in Knightsbridge and Mayfair this new location sits in the very core of the London property market. We are thrilled to have a presence in many of Londons prime locations. For more information about the services available at The Studio visit For more information about Harrods Estates visit